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To get past the "install and forget" part of bobbymods.com, I have to make a project out of it and plan whatever needs to be done.

Moving a website to another host (Update)

In an earlier post I mentioned a move of a web site to a different web host Moving a web site to another host<.
Today after monitoring for a couple of days I can say the transmission went 'mostly' according to plan.
The checklist was very helpful but there were still a couple of things that had to be fine tuned;

Moving a website to another host

Another task of web maintenance is moving a site from one web host to another.
Today I've got a site that has to be moved from its current web host.
The main body of this site is HTML with three php powered subsystems;

  1. a search function based on phpdig
  2. a custom coded survey php script
  3. a modified webdirectory php script
  4. an ad serving package phpads

Now this sounds like a web maintenance task that is not too difficult.
As always the killer is in the details.

BobbyMods rebuilt!

Ok, I had my web development site running on an older version of drupal with a nice collection of modules.
Well, the newer core versions came and the non-core module updates didn't! (not in time for me anyway)
No Problem, except for two things;

  1. I didn't have time to upgrade non core modules.
  2. It was time to rethink and redo the old site anyway.

A new start can be a good thing and is in line with the drupal "no backwards code compatibility" guideline.

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