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Collaboration groups as "Multi-sites", "Organic Groups (OG)" and "Domain Access". Making the choice.

All forms of collaboration require some sort of centralized collaboration tool.
In Drupal this can be implemented with "Multi-Sites", "Organic Groups (OG)", and "Domain Access". These solutions all have their strengths and weaknesses.

The main issue however is when to choose "Multi-Sites", "Organic Groups (OG)", or "Domain Access".

First a short overview of the relevant points:


  • separate (sub-)domains
  • can use one or multiple databases

Copyright block: a footer with php code in drupal (The Module)

A follow-up on Copyright block: a footer with php code in drupal<.

I've had some requests to make this a module , so here it is, and there is nothing spectacular about it. It is just an example on how to make a simple block module.

Another question was if you could put drupal copyright footer block< in your theme. The answer is yes, but then you would not be able to switch it on / off or change themes as easy.

5 Page Brochure Site Drupal 6.x Distro

Drupal 6.x Brochure 5 Page-Home

5 page brochure site distribution for Drupal 6.x, which allows you to easily focus on theming and implementing client brochure sites.

5 Page Brochure Site Drupal 4.7 Distro

Drupal 4.7 Brochure 5 Page-1Drupal 4.7 Brochure 5 Page

A 5 page Drupal Brochure distribution that was made for a web designer and is/was used by various designers in a multi-site configuration to provide 5 page Drupal enabled brochure websites for their clients.

Provided as a service with maintenance or on their own host with 2nd line support, all the designer had to do is 'design' and if possible theme. Of course Theming services were and are provided.

BobbyMods Project Ultra light

BM Project Ultra LightBM Project Ultra LightAfter searching for a simple project manager I just decided a while ago to make one based solely on drupal core to avoid any upgrade issues. The whole thing came out rather well, so now I'll alpha test it with my own projects to ready the beta version.

Copyright block: a footer with php code in drupal


Drupal has a nice feature to input a site wide footer message from the administration panel, it can be found at Administer>>Site configuration>>Site informationn  scroll down to Footer message:.

The only thing with this is that it is text only, and what you typically want is to be able to add some dynamic content in there.

One of the first thing you would want to do is to add a copyright notice to your site. Now, there is a module for nearly everything, and so there is this gem appropriately called  'Copyright'  which can set the copyright for the entire site and for individual  content pages.

There is a simpler way that, although manual, will help keep your install "light".

What I do is to just create a block, set the input format to "PHP code" and enter the following code:

<p>&copy; <?php print(date(Y)) ?> <a href="/"><?php print(variable_get('site_name', '')) ?></a><br />
All rights reserved

After that you can further customize when and where it will appear, if you need special formatting you can add css classes to it and enhance it's display as needed.

BobbyMods rebuilt!

Ok, I had my web development site running on an older version of drupal with a nice collection of modules.
Well, the newer core versions came and the non-core module updates didn't! (not in time for me anyway)
No Problem, except for two things;

  1. I didn't have time to upgrade non core modules.
  2. It was time to rethink and redo the old site anyway.

A new start can be a good thing and is in line with the drupal "no backwards code compatibility" guideline.

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