Simple Migration to Drupal

In 2004 I developed an affiliate web site in dreamweaver and I have done some minor maintenance on it since then.
Now the owner wants to be able to edit everything from his favorite coffeshop.
Anyway this is a great candidate for a straight migration from html to drupal.
He doesn't want to change the design of the website, actually a change is ok "as long as it is a bonus" but he really needs the ability to edit and configure, so this should be fun.
Main points are;

  1. it has to be in production by the end of march and
  2. he wants to retain his page names and html structure.

To get it done in this time frame, I'll have to lay down a brute plan

  • map site structure into drupal, begin migrating data (161 pages, according to Google)
  • migrate data, make template from current html layout or use a standard theme
  • test, tweak, merge content css
  • deploy, more tests, cleanup

Should go very smoothly !