BobbyMods rebuilt!

Ok, I had my web development site running on an older version of drupal with a nice collection of modules.
Well, the newer core versions came and the non-core module updates didn't! (not in time for me anyway)
No Problem, except for two things;

  1. I didn't have time to upgrade non core modules.
  2. It was time to rethink and redo the old site anyway.

A new start can be a good thing and is in line with the drupal "no backwards code compatibility" guideline.
It allows you to rethink ways of doing things and doing them better without having to provide  "legacy code support".
All in all I have one new guideline for and that is;

  1. keep this sites up to date with the latest drupal version

which means that I can;

  1. use only core modules for core functionality of
  2. extend data types with CCK as an option.
  3. optionally add "reports" with views (cosmetics).
  4. all other non-core modules should only provide cosmetics and certainly no core features.

This should be a challenge in itself, but I know drupal is up to par.
For my web consultancy clients, of course all modules will be used to acquire or maintain the desired web functionality.
Most clients don't need/want to be cutting edge with the drupal core anyway, they need their desired functionality and they also have more time to migrate as the older versions of drupal core are supported for some time after the release of a new version.
In any event, here goes my  blog,