Shopping cart custom order processing

Custom order processingCustom order processing

Custom order total processing for cube-cart.

Entry is at the legacy project portal.

Add PayPal Pro Module to Shopping Cart

PayPal Pro ModulePayPal Pro Module

Adding PayPal Pro to CubeCart, and search and destroy some "undocumented features".

Also enabling Paypal Express

Funny how now everyone takes these things for granted, back in the day(not so long ago) you had to monkey-wrench them.

Custom shipping for shopping cart

Custom Shipping ModuleCustom Shipping Module

Custom module for cubecart to handle shipping costs in a custom manner.

Entry is at the legacy project portal.

Shopping Cart to Forum

Shopping Cart to Forum ProjectShopping Cart to Forum Project

This is a shopping cart to forum bridge that is not under further development.

If you have lost your access page and/or login please contact me here .

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