These are current and past projects.

BM Project Ultra Light

BobbyMods Project Ultra Light 6.x-1.0-alpha-1BobbyMods Project Ultra Light 6.x-1.0-alpha-1

This is the first thing I need. a simple tool to do project management with.

This is a simple project manager that uses only drupal core modules.

The current version is 6.x-1.0-alpha-1. Built on Drupal 6.x and current with the latest Drupal 6 version.


If you have access to this project you can enter here.

BobbyMods maintenance project

BobbyMods Draft LogoBobbyMods Draft Logo

To get past the "install and forget" part of, I have to make a project out of it and plan whatever needs to be done. I already know that otherwise all of my time will not be spent on this site (because they are non-billable hours).

The items tracked here will be mostly theming, performance and site structure issues.

Drupal 6.x Upgrades

Here you can find all Drupal 6.x core upgrade projects that are not a part of another project.
These are all projects from people that just need an drupal core update done for them.

Drupal 6.x Upgrade Project<

To request an upgrade from your current drupal version to the latest secure drupal version contact me< and include your current drupal version and a list of used contributed modules (if known).


Multi Theme Project.

If you have access to this project you can enter here<.



Drupal Upgrades to 5.x

Drupal 5.x Upgrade SampleDrupal 5.x Upgrade Project Drupal Upgrade Project for all client sites with maintenance contract. This was the continuous upgrade project for 2007 and is accessible only for documentation purposes. There is a redirect to the new location, Just access with your login info.

Add PayPal Pro Module to Shopping Cart

PayPal Pro ModulePayPal Pro Module

Adding PayPal Pro to CubeCart, and search and destroy some "undocumented features".

Also enabling Paypal Express

Funny how now everyone takes these things for granted, back in the day(not so long ago) you had to monkey-wrench them.

Bible Study website upgrade to 5.x

Bible Study ProjectBible Study Project

Bible Study website update to 5.x .

Login to this project is at the legacy project portal.

Custom shipping for shopping cart

Custom Shipping ModuleCustom Shipping Module

Custom module for cubecart to handle shipping costs in a custom manner.

Entry is at the legacy project portal.

External linking with JavaScript

External Linking with JavaScript ProjectExternal Linking with JavaScript Project

Small Javascript Project for a Bank.

Entry is a t the legacy project portal.

Guesthouse / Corporate Housing Project

Guesthouse / Corporate Housing ProjectGuesthouse / Corporate Housing Project

Guesthouse server, website and promotion project.

Recreational Vehicle Dealership Website

RV Dealership Web-SiteRV Dealership Web-Site

RV Dealership Project built with cck and views on drupal 4.x.

Access at the legacy project portal.

Shopping Cart to Forum

Shopping Cart to Forum ProjectShopping Cart to Forum Project

This is a shopping cart to forum bridge that is not under further development.

If you have lost your access page and/or login please contact me here .

Shopping cart custom order processing

Custom order processingCustom order processing

Custom order total processing for cube-cart.

Entry is at the legacy project portal.

Web-directory with OpenAds integration

Web-directory with OpenAds integration ProjectWeb-directory with OpenAds integration Project

Web-directory php script with ads as directory items or as directly viewable ads.

The ad serving is done with OpenAds.

To access this project contact me here .

osCommerce Upgrade

osCommerce Upgrade ProjectosCommerce Upgrade Project

osCommerce upgrade and shipping module addition project

Access is at the legacy project portal