5 Page Brochure Site Drupal 6.x Distro

Drupal 6.x Brochure 5 Page-Home

5 page brochure site distribution for Drupal 6.x, which allows you to easily focus on theming and implementing client brochure sites.

5 Page Brochure Features

  • No Installation, this is a maintained hosted solution. (Installation on your own server available upon request)
  • Easy for the user to update the content of the pages.
  • WYSIWYG editor.
  • Easy to expand with hundreds of options.
  • Multi site ready.
  • Customizations available.
  • Theming service available.


Main Pages:

5 Page Brochure home page

5 Page Brochure Home Page

5 Page Brochure sample page

Drupal 6.x Brochure 5Page-Sample

5 Page Brochure contact page

Drupal 6.x Brochure 5Page-Contact

User Edit Options:

5 Page Brochure user account page

Drupal 6.x Brochure 5 Page-Account

When a user logs into his account he has the option to log out, or to go to one of the pages via the main menu. The configuration can also be changed for them to log in to the home page of the site.

5 Page Brochure user account edit

Drupal 6.x Brochure 5 Page-Account-Edit

Under the "Edit" tab the user can change their email and password, switch the contact form off/on, and chose a time zone.

5 Page Brochure page edit

Drupal 6.x Brochure 5 Page-Edit

Under the "Edit" tab of a page the user can change the title of that page, edit the content and enable/disable the WYSIWYG editor. The WYSIWYG (richt-text) editor can also be setup to be the default edit mode.

5 Page Brochure page edit WYSIWYG

Drupal 6.x Brochure 5 Page-Edit-WYSIWYG

The WYSIWYG (rich-text) content edit mode allows the user to have a "word processor" like button interface for editing the content text. Many more buttons and options are available and can be configured depending on what the user must be able to do.

If you have any questions on this solution please contact me.