5 Page Brochure Site Drupal 4.7 Distro

Drupal 4.7 Brochure 5 Page-1Drupal 4.7 Brochure 5 Page

A 5 page Drupal Brochure distribution that was made for a web designer and is/was used by various designers in a multi-site configuration to provide 5 page Drupal enabled brochure websites for their clients.

Provided as a service with maintenance or on their own host with 2nd line support, all the designer had to do is 'design' and if possible theme. Of course Theming services were and are provided.


Main Pages:

5 page brochure 'homepage'

Drupal 4.7 Brochure 5Page-home

5 page brochure 'page sample'

Drupal 4.7 Brochure 5 Page-2

5 page brochure 'about page'

Drupal 4.7 Brochure 5 Page-about

5 page brochure 'contact page'

Drupal 4.7 Brochure 5 Page-contact

User Edit Pages

5 page brochure 'user account'

Drupal 4.7 Brochure 5Page User Entry

When the end user logs in he enters onto his account page , there he can edit his account password or email, or select a menu option and go to the pages. No other (navifgation) options are available to the end user.

5 page brochure 'content edit page'

Drupal 4.7 Brochure 5 Page-Edit

Once the user gets to the selected page, he can select the edit tab and edit the title and content of that page.

Of course functionality could be added to every distribution as desired and more or less pages could be set.

Another blast from the past.